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Hello and welcome to Escape & Bake!

I am an absolute foodie, who is passionate about food that looks after your body and keeps you a happy, healthy, beautiful YOU!


I love eating, cooking, baking, shopping, growing food…. I have since I was very young and I am the notorious foodie in our family. It has always been something that excites me and is so fundamental in our day-to-day lives.


My love for food and baking increased when it became the cure to help me

de-stress and unwind after working very long days in busy central London.

To get home and cook something up for me and Mr G-R or spending the whole weekend baking up delicious treats is my savour, my complete sanctuary! It is the way I can ESCAPE from it all, day to day life, that, to be fair can just be too much sometimes.


But, I haven’t always had the best relationship with food. Like many of us I have been surrounded by fad ‘diets’ and having a very slow metabolism I felt the pressure to always try to manage my weight with one diet or another. I started to suffer with unbearable IBS, facing stomach cramps, bloating, chronic indigestion, fatigue and headaches, which caused me to be bed bound. I had several trips to the doctor, multiple blood tests that all came back clear. I had no idea what was wrong with me.

Happy.  Healthy.  Beautiful You 

I then discovered eating whole, gluten-free, no refined sugar, dairy alternative foods – unexpectedly it made a huge difference to my health. It has improved my digestion, headaches and even my mood – it is incredible! I have learned how important it is to eat whole foods with none of those yucky preservatives or E numbers, which your body just can’t process.


In particular for me eating gluten-free has really helped, my stomach isn’t bloated anymore and I feel a lot more confident. One massive thing for me too is I’ve stopped counting the calories in everything - it is so relieving not to pick up a packet and go through all the numbers you think will affect your diet. As long as you eat whole foods you’ll notice a big difference in your well-being and will loose weight.

I have a very realistic approach to food and drink, eating organic or whole foods can be pricey (depending on the ingredients), who are people kidding when they say it isn’t? But the most important thing to me is to look after my

body. Especially when coping with illness in our family it really does hit home how important our health is and that we need to look after our well-being. Healthy eating isn’t a diet, its a way of life. I try to buy as many ingredients, as I can, organic or locally. I also don’t completely rule out alcohol, I love a good glass of prosecco or fab G&T! But it is all about balance, nurturing your body full of goodness to have a tipple or two.


Escape & Bake creates delicious indulgent healthy treats which are refined sugar free, gluten-free and dairy-free. Made from completely whole and natural ingredients.  We create anything from healthy snickers bars to extravagant celebration cakes, providing a bespoke ordering service and event catering.


Please feel to ask questions, share your stories and send pictures of your recipe creations.


Best Wishes

Nicola xx

Escape & Bake

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